People who have near death experiences all talk about a peaceful, euphoric , bright light enveloping them. From the moment we are conceived, we are moving towards that light. This is my heels diggin' in, I don't wanna' go, reluctant journey, into the light. Stephen

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cool Waters

It is winter after all.

Food Chain: The Nice China

This is what happens when the ex-teenage food processors and their posse are asked to set the table and are alerted to the fact that they will be cleaning up the after dinner dishes. "..........which side does the salad fork go on?........"

carne asada tacos

refried beans with serrano chilis



Well, me might as well get some of this stuff out of the way right up front.  Today on the last day of the decade, everywhere you look there are lists. Top ten this, Worst five that, on and on.  What I'm not seeing much of are lists of core beliefs and convictions.  Things held as self evident.  When the noise and clutter that assaults us from every angle in today's society are muted, what is left standing as granite in our lives?  The core, the essence, the spine of our souls.  These are mine.

There is a God.  I don't get atheists.  Something from nothing violates not only basic physics, but my common sense as well.  I don't for an instant profess to be a mytical sage but there is a longing, a spiritual inquisitiveness in all of us.  We are fortunate to live in a country that allows us to pursue those questions.

I have a fundamental right to defend myself , my  property and my family from all aggressors.  This is the most basic human right.  If you come at me and mine I WILL deploy aggressive defenses. 

We all have an inherent obligation to defend the defenseless and the innocent.  If not me, then who?  This requires both  philosophical and physical courage.

The basic human rights we all acquire at conception are not forfeited because of race, gender, or sexuality.  They CAN be forfeited by engaging in criminal acts.

Our current government is rife with corruption at all levels.  This has to change or this great country of ours is doomed. 

Evil does exist.  Denial of this is the ultimate stupidity.  The natural goodness of mankind can be corrupted and evil must be challenged at every opportunity.

Being alive is good.  The alternative definitely sucks.

and just a few more:

Mean people suck
All politics is local  (Thanks Tip O'Neil)
Guns are good.  Venison is better.
I'm lucky my wife puts up with me.
Cats are lovable bitches.
Long pants suck.
Rugby IS the best sport.
Music is better louder.
My piano is out of tune, not me.
OJ did it.
Laura Ingraham is HAWT.
So is my wife.
My Mom was right all along.
My Dad is the hardest working man I've ever known.
Kids never really grow up.

These are just some of the items on my list.  Items to be discussed in depth in the future.  But what I really want to know is this:  What's on your spine of the soul list?


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Yea tho I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,

click pics to enlarge

I will fear no evil,

Because my weapon systems are deployed even unto death,

My rod and my staff no longer comfort me,


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Food Chain

roasted cajun el pollo

3 bean chili

baby greens with jicama

lemon and ginger yellow yam

A somewhat common male christmas wish

Into the Abyss

This is scary stuff! When in the course of a unique individual human journey, one finds it necessary to "put it out there," via the world wide web, I believe it's not an unnatural occurence for the heart to race, knees go aknockin', and generally have second thoughts about exposing your soul for all to see. Yes, those are bruises on the insides of my knees. But, as I mentioned, it's necessary. Why now, why me? I don't have a succinct answer to that question, but I can tell you this; I'm compelled. And so........ here I am.

There is so much wrong in the world today: corrupt politics, war, disease, sexism, racism, bigotry, on and on. It is righteous and necessary to fight battles against these afflictions, yet even the most hardened zealots must occasionally retire to the rear for wine, dancing, laughter and love. Affirmation that we are more than just warriors. Replenishment and resupply of the soul. The battles, and the replenishment, these are what I will write about.

All are welcome here except assholes. Assuming as I do that we are all quite versed in the definition of assholes, I don't need to delineate specific behaviours that will result in one being 86ed off this blog. I have been assholish myself in the past. I'm not proud of that, yet I claim it.

Growth is accomodated by accountability and humility. I promise to do my darndest on both in this venue.

So, what can you expect here? THE TRUTH! However, to ascertain the truth, all aspects of the subject must be explored. That's where you folks come in. A long, long time ago, in a liberal state that is just a lake's width away from me now, we had a retail business. Across the street was a cozy dining establishment. Up in the front was the "community table." All comers, newspapers spread and left for the next perusal, lively discussions, passionate discourse, etc. Provacateurs coming and going, so the mix of participants and perspectives was always changing. Thing was though, we were a community. So there was no yelling, no namecalling, no venom. (well, except for those who decidedly didn't feel Mr. Reagan was quite up to the task.) I would be pleased as a fat pig in deep slop if this site evolves into a cyber version of that "community table." Comments are encouraged.

Having been married for almost 30 years, and having raised two fine sons, from time to time you will hear me speak of the "Babe" and the "ex-teenage food processors." The cast of characters also includes "the little bitch." The feline furrball snoozing in my briefcase on the desk in front of me does not answer to her "little bitch" moniker, but I'm quite certain that she wouldn't deny it either.

Finally, in this opening salvo, I will immediately go shamelessly apluggin'. I'm inspired by many, but a couple bloggers stand out on my favorites list and in my eyes as bloggers to be emulated. Brigid from "Home on the Range," and Lex from "Neptunus Lex." They both are smarter'n me and can paint with words like no others. I encourage you to go visit them over in the sidebar, and you too will become smitten.

And so, off we go.