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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lazarus Redux, Food Channel Version.

Hey earthlings. I have a couple things on here that I like, and don't want to lose the freshness of their original publication. So I haven't hit DELETE.  And that made me feel guilty about not adding any new content. It's been tough around here. Plus, Facebook + Family = Discretionary Cyber Time Eater.  But I have still been eating well.

That's a flank steak, marinated in salsa ranchera, stuffed with sweet onions and tomatoes. I stuffed it after I had charred it on both sides, then went low and slow.  Yum. Speaking of great cuts of beef.........Flat Iron, flat out good.

Feel free at any time to click on these pics and get real hungry, real quick.

WAIT!  That's not fish. Oopsie. Here we go.

Plus, I've been doing a little orchard tending. And juicing. And juicing. And juicing. This is the front gate to the orchard.

Oh yeah, the fruit.

Those puppies are just hanging on, sweetening up. Their cousins, preceded them.

And finally, because I'm sleepy, supper, last night. Good night.


Shannon said...

Note to self: don't look at Stephen's blog too early in the morning in order to avoid severe hunger pangs before it's actually time to eat.

Pictures count just as much as words, S ~ I, for one, am very glad that you have not deleted. Also, thank you for continuing to visit over at my place. I'd say that hanging out in the trees and juicing up those cuties are a lot more fulfilling than meandering through blogs anyway!

bluesun said...

Do you see this look on my face? It's total jealousy over your fresh fruit at this time of year.

virgil xenophon said...

Stephen! Damn you! You make me give up on your blog and now this! Glad to see my weight watchers chef is at it again!