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Friday, May 7, 2010

Food Chain/Bluegill

Yeah, I eat bluegill. A delicate, dance of the palate across the bones of sacrifice.

A gentle poaching with just a few spices. Clean and scale, then be gentle.

With every morsel,,,,,remember....

Remember the beauty of singular moments.

And be thankful that you aren't his dinner.


Scott McCray said...

Man, that brings back memories - the old farm pond back home was stocked with bluegill and bass. The bass were big fun to catch, but a little larger than "hand-size" bluegill was a fighter, too. But better than that, it was the start for dinner!

Never had 'em poached - always pan-fried in cornmeal. Yum.

Thanks for the memory!


Shannon said...

Memories for me too, Stephen! When Mom, India and I were basically stranded in a Florida campground for 3 months back in '94 with barely a dollar to our names, we lived on bluegills. A package of hot dogs went a long way as bait, and sometimes it could even be retrieved and reused when prepping the fish for the frying pan. Good eatin'!

bluesun said...

The only fish I ever caught was a 5 inch bluegill. I can't even catch a boot.

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

I love a big plate of fried bluegills. With crinkle gut fries on the side.

As to catching them, I agree with a friend of my Uncle Howard, who said that it bluegills were size of largemouths, no one would know what they look like, as no one would have evr caught one. 10 pounds of fight, in a 10 ounce fish.

virgil xenophon said...

You're right about the fun/fight ratio Mr. Badger, but a high bone-to-flesh ratio too--a lot of work for a few morsels--however tastily prepared by uber camp chefs like Stephen here. One nice thing, tho, if you find one you've usually found a lot, as they tend to "rest" in vertical columns.