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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Last Nights Ram.

I saw two big rams last night. One far away, the other close. 

Some perspective:

That was after he FINALLY turned towards me.

I'm having a focus issue with my camera. Hence the "I want a new camera" mantra.  What I'm seeing in the viewfinder and what uploads are about a half bubble out of plumb the last few days.  But still, a desert monarch up close is always cool.


Shannon said...

Magnificent animals!

My Olympus camera did the purple thing...fortunately, it was still under warranty at the time, so the company repared it - just never reported on what was causing it...I think it may have been heat related.

Stephen said...

I thought about the heat thing. Except is hasn't really got scorching yet. Maybe it's me.

Shannon said...

Hee...exactly. Now that you mention it though - mine started acting up after I let my two little ones try the camera out - they clutched that sucker so tight in their hands (I suppose because I made threats regarding important toys and lifespan should they break it), that they may have caused it to go funky.