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Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm Lucky to be the Scrivener.

When you  invade a male beaver's territory, while he's struttin' his stuff for a pretty young lass, he's not shy about letting you know what he thinks.

I've been watching beaver at this location for over 15 years.  That water is sitting at about 450' above sea level.  Not what most people would think of as "beaver habitat."  But most people are  spending too much time worrying about inconsequential B.S.

i dare you to click this pic!

I caught one bass from what could have been many,  and was more interested in the beaver after that. As it got darker I really had to ratchet up the exposure, but it was worth it.

This frisky fella, didn't get the belle of the beaver ball, but he definitely had the pimpest hat in the cove.  (click that pic to see the hat.)

On the way in from the beaver-fest, I stopped and rendered assistance to those less fortunate than myself.  These folks were broke down and effed up.  I towed them in. There is a certain ironic element in  my 25 HP Evinrude towing this bad boy in. 502 cubic inches of NUTHIN' gettin' towed, while your wimminfolk are flirtin' with the fat hairy fisherdude runnin' and gunnin' that 25 HP speed machine.

These people didn't catch a largemouth bass, they didn't see any beaver, or photograph any beaver, nor did they stop and render assistance to their boating brethren. They were also oblivious to the fact that right behind them on that huge red ourcropping, the swallows we have already discussed, were working their tails off.  But, who am I to judge?


bluesun said...

That second picture is very cool.

Is that beaver bringing sticks back to his lodge, or what?

Shannon said...

Oh how amazing - I love beavers. You are really getting some fantastic photos this season Stephen! As far as the oblivious people? Bah!

Stephen said...

Blue, he had just lost a scuffle in the tules and I don't think he realized that was hung up on his noggin. I thought it was cool.

Marla said...

Awesome pictures... It looks like a great day. :)

Marla @