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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Respecting God, Fish, and My Tummy

I've been fishing alot lately.  Springtime is my favorite time to be on the lake.  Summer crowds aren't here yet, the water is crystal clear, the temps are warm, and the fish are hungry. I can totally relate to the hungry thing.

 This time of year I always bring a couple fish home to eat.  Most get thrown back out of respect for the resource.  I know there are "militant" catch and release folks out there, but I believe that keeping the occasional fish for the table is not only moral, but also respects what God has given us for sustenance. Remember, beer is also food.  My ex-swimmer food knocked over my canned food. DANG IT!

I filletted this chubby smallmouth bass and kept looking at the carcass.  Destined for the garbage?  I could see that there was still ALOT of unharvested meat and it bothered me.  Two little fillets and the rest going to waste.  Unless.............................I respected what God had provided.

Saved from the trash and into a hotel pan on the stovetop.  That pan is 17 inches long so you can see that this fish was large.  A little olive oil and Italian seasoning with a squirt of lemon juice and things started smelling pretty good in the kitchen. I also added water as needed to get some steam action. As this "garbage" cooked it started to reveal treasure. Protein and flavor treasure.

That right there is collar and cheek flavor heaven.  Succulence.  I was struck by how often we overlook gifts in our haste to keep on doing things the same old way.  If we harvest food sources and waste them, I believe it's morally wrong. I got my eyes and heart opened, and my tummy filled up.

Ok, I know it's a yucky pic, but that little pile of meat is what was left BESIDES the cheek and collar.  That pile of goodness is going to be a fish taco for my lunch today.  When the carcass went in the trash, not only was my hunger satiated, but I also knew that I had fulfilled my moral obligation to not waste what God has given. Including barley, malt, and hops in a can! 


Marla said...

I like that you used it all... but I'm not a big fish fan. Yuck. lol.

Welcome back to the blogging world, friend!

Marla @

Shannon said...

Now that's more like it! I must ask why the Little Bitch wasn't in on this bone bounty?

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

Surely she is entitled to a small snackerel