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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Once Upon a Time, There Was This Dude Named Noah...............

Here in Havasu our native rock is gray, and brown mostly. Typical Sonoran and Mohave desert stone carved by the mighty Colorado River.  Along the river you can find rocks delivered here from places far away by mighty, ancient floods.  Some of those floods were inconceivable by today's standards and those angry, churning waters moved vast amounts of material towards the sea.  That's why here and there along it's course, the river left signposts of it's power.

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We have alot of rock formations like this jutting up out of the normal brown and gray.  The red mud came from Utah, or the faraway area that is now the Navajo Nation.  Our minds cannot even begin to wrap around the torrential immensity of the size flood it would take to move this material.  An ancient sandbar left behind as the water receded. 

If you look closely you can see the striations of gravel and small rocks that were layered into the mud, then ultimately encapsulated as the mud turned to stone.  Testament to the ancient rhythms of our earth.  Speaking of rhythms, how about the rhythm of life.

Those nesting swallows are definitely doing their part in carrying on the grand seasonal rhythm of springtime.  New life.  They aren't worried about the NBA playoffs, or the November election, or the monthly rhythm of the bills arriving in the mail.  They are mostly worried about building this safe neighborhood for their kids. And just like us humans, feeding those kids.

A swallow homesite provided by an ancient, cataclysmic flood.  The color of their nests is indicative of the color of the usual sediment here.  I wonder if  a long time ago, in a land far to the north, before it got washed here and turned to stone, if that red earth nurtured other living things. Plants, or burrowing rodents or even our ancestors.

I wonder if there was a mud nest on the ark with two swallows in it?

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Shannon said...

I bet there sure was a Swallow's nest on the Ark. What beautiful pictures - I have never even seen a Swallow or its nest before. The rock formations though...they...well...they rock.