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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Food Chain. Too Many Free Tomatoes

Dot to Dot Style

+ chopped onion and Italian herbs and spice
zest and juice only

careful, not too much

drizzled with olive oil and spices

no mess underwater

al dente
don't overcook
parmesan and asiago

Oh Yeah!  I dare you to click the pic.

fresh tomato shrimp over tri color rotini

day old french bread

fresh pomegranate


Shannon said...

Holy crap, that looks delicious!!

Anonymous said...

one of my favorite salads from growing up. Fresh ripe home grown tomatoes, sliced bite sized. Red onion, thin slices. Olive oil, I prefer Non virgin for this since taste is too strong. Good red wine vinegar. Crumbled feta cheese. Salt (personal preference, may not be required for some due to feta), black pepper.

Prepare 30 mins before so tomatoes will release juices. Make sure at tomatoes at room temp. Some people put them in refrigerator.



Stephen said...

Claudio, when I was a kid, I HATED TOMATOES! I mean gag reflex hate. As I've gotten older and cooked more, I love 'em. Except, if I had to take a bite out of a straight raw tomato, NO. Still can't do it. It's funny how in America everybody thinks there has to be a green leafy something in it to qualify as a salad. Not true.