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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday / I Love DVR and Lesbians / I Hate Talking Heads/ Shut Up and Shoot

There's a little spot I know.  I can be there in about 10 minutes.  As a matter of fact I'm heading there about 2 minutes after I hit "publish" on this post.  Unlike the last time I was at this particular spot.

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Neither ex-teenage food processor/gunner will be there. Neither will my triggerman nephew who is currently up to his eyeballs in alligators at United States Army basic training. Instead, this will be a solitary affair. Just me and one good friend. An "old" friend.  Vintage 1952 friend.

#41 can expect quite a workout.

CZ 52. Flamethrowin'  cold war hand cannon.  That long tapered snout is sexy, in a Czech, Martina Navratilova kinda way.  I wonder if she ever ran across P. KOVARIK?  The holster is well worn and obviously has seen alot of hand cannon portage. I wonder about P. KOVARIK alot. I hold a piece of that person's life.  Any person issued their own personal CZ 52 behind the iron curtain in the old Cold days, was truly in the eye of the storm.  If P. KOVARIK was here today I would enjoy shooting with him/her.  Mysterious is sexy don't you think?  Unlike those plastic barbie "oh my god, oh my god, i' cheerleader" NFL cheerleaders.  Give me an ex- commie, death dealin', flamebelchin' lesbian anyday.


Clark Kent said...

Nice lookin' "cheerleader." Did the holster come with the CZ?

Joe in N. Calif said...

Is that somewhere near Randsberg?

Stephen said...

Nope Joe, Arizona's Western coast. Havasu.

Stephen said...

Clark, they did come together, but I doubt they were original partners. You can find alot of these holsters around. I got 3 off A typical 1911 fits them nicely, as does my Bersa thunder 9. BTW, ammo for the CZ 52 is dirt cheap. 7.62x25 The "czech" loads are typically an 85 grain bullet approaching 1700 fps. Very hot load. You have to be careful though. The cartridge was originally designed for sub-machinegun use and so there are lots of steel core bullets out there. That equals armor piercing which equals a felony if they are in a pistol. I'm currently running through some very nice Yugo non-magnetic stuff. At about 7 cents per boom. Gotta love that.

Joe in N. Calif said...

Hehe..I was only about 180 miles off!