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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bragging Just a Little / Bersa 380

My everyday front pocket companion is a Bersa 380. Concealed Carry model.  All protrusions shaved and smoothed, including the sights. It's narrow, and isn't plastic.  It feels like an extension of my hand.  Just like a 32 oz Estwing.

  Some very knowledgeable folks think 380 might be a little light.  I have lots of other options as far as more firepower, but for everyday, walk around, pocket carry, my Bersa is comfortable for me.  Besides, I thought it was all about shot placement. 

9 yards.  Yes, coup de grace was planned.  I call it,  "and one for the road."  Full disclosure though;  That "betwixt the eyes" shot was with one eye closed, bearing down rifle style.  A habit that was hard to break when I first started alot of handgunning.  My neighbor, took one look at that target and left.

I was sad to see him go.  He was the only neighbor who liked my drumming.

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