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Friday, March 12, 2010

Wrong on SO Many Levels

Life without mirth, would lose it's worth.

So, there's this gal, and her ex-husband is riding in the car with her. She's on the way to see her new boyfriend.  So far that seems a little odd, right?  But, hey,  maybe they get along better divorced.  Anyway, the real problem is not even that she had her driver's license revoked the day before for DUI.  I actually think the biggest problem is that the ex-husband reaches over and takes the wheel, in order for her to free up both her hands. Apparently she needed  both hands to shave her crotch!  I guess she wanted everything all tidy for her new lover.  I mean, seriously, couldn't she have just pulled over for a minute or two to work on that bikini line?  If she had pulled over to do the muff buffing, she probably would NOT have smashed into that pickup truck.  And she definitely wouldn't have gone to jail.  No word on whether or not the ex manscapes. 

pic by adrants


Sadltrmp said...

Wow! Some people's lives are way more interesting than mine! I'm glad my life's pretty dull compared to those two! :)

Marla said...

Some people! Really. Why? This is so awful, but I seriously believe some people waste oxygen.

And that picture? It makes me laugh. Ha.

Shannon said...

I can seriously just shake my head in disbelief at this one...Marla is correct..waste of oxygen.