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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Finding Elmo (I like the sound of Elmo better than Waldo)

I've always like picking apart the background in photographs.  Like the expressions on random spectator's faces in the stands at sporting events.  The subject of the photo might be a lithe, statuesque Russian tennis hottie smashing an overhead back to Serena Williams, but lookie there, in the third row up, that guy is picking his nose.  The stuff in the background in a pic in some guy's garage can also be an insight into his life. Looking at this pic can you see what's wrong in my life?  Something is missing.  Troubling, isn't it.

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Maybe that beer is empty?  Or, maybe the little bitch is locked in the briefcase?

Hmmm.  Oh yeah, There it is. Problem solved!

New optics are always a good thing. :)   And Elmo really is hiding in this post. Do you see him?  My real life Uncle Elmo is hiding right behind the briefcase the little bitch is lying in.  At least he's not picking his nose. And that beer really is empty now.


virgil xenophon said...

Will you cut all that food s**t out!!! Makes me HONGRY! And I am already headed toward the Michelin-man look as it is if I don't watch out. PLUS my wife is a Creole farm-girl from Opelousas La., (Home of Jim Bowie, btw--used to drive past his ancestral birthplace all the time) who can crook from scratch so good it'll make certain members of your body fall off. Even worse, we live in New Orleans (tho out on W. Coast now, I'm BI--coastal that is..) so you know what I'm facing, so dammit, stop it!

Stephen said...

Virg, I went quail hunting with a Cajun one time. When cleaning the birds later I was only saving the breasts. The Cajun came running up and said, "quit wasting all that meat." WTF? All I saw was a little pile of feathers and innards. He picked out the teensie little legs, hearts, and such and said, "In the swamp EVERYTHING goes in the pot." Might be that the old addage, "Don't look, just chew," might have originated down your way. stephen

virgil xenophon said...

You might appreciate a little factoid on Jim Bowie's place in Opelousas. For years it was nothing but an empty lot with a historical marker on one of the town's main drags. But I guess the lot itself was never protected by formal historical status as a local bank managed to erect a drive thru branch bank there. (probably paid off the right people.) They actually formally called it the "Jim Bowie Branch" and you could get a set of customized checks with a drawing of a Bowie knife in the upper left-hand
corner. LOL!