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Friday, January 8, 2010

The Racecard

In my lifetime, in terms of racism, Americans have gone from calling them Niggers to calling them Mr. President.  In terms of historical social progress this is warp speed.  I'm not saying that racism doesn't exist or that those living through the civil rights movement shouldn't feel some anger. What I don't see though, among the current black leadership is the jubilation that should accompany angry 20/20 hindsight, as once unattainable goals are achieved. Celebration of new ground being plowed, instead of casting the seeds of hate and racism onto the same old, tired, worn out ground.  Examples: Thurgood Marshall,  Charlie Sifford, Colin Powell, Condaleeza Rice, and the chosen one himself, Mr. Obama.  In my lifetime, racial barriers have been trampled at an astounding rate. I think this is good.

What I don't like is the desperate clinging, of the same 'ol leadership in the black community, to the outdated notion that if you scream "RACISM" at the top of your lungs at every opportunity, you can stay relevant and obscure the truth.  A tactic co-opted by liberal politicians as well. And for these hucksters, relevancy=power.  Why is the leadership and vision of the civil rights folks not maturing and evolving along with the real progress?  And more importantly,  where is the  black "street" in demanding a new leadership structure to continue, and even accelerate, the rate of forward progress?

Mr. Obama is a case in point.  He's a product of the Chicago version of racecard politics.  The Jesse Jackson, Jeremiah Wright school of coloring. Perpetual exploitive racism.  Imagine a white guy, shedding the last vestiges of historical racism, then he listens to Rev. Wright, and knows Obama tolerated that shit for 20 years. Might this give him pause in his evolving racial perspectives?

 Obama has gotten himself the highest elected position in the world because of dying racism among non-blacks, yet he keeps himself chained to the bondage of old ideas and thinking. He got elected because of non racist, non blacks, not hate-spewing old school black leadership.  Is he not in a position to come out and publically denounce wingnuts like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, instead of sending his minions ( Axelrod, Jarrett, Carter, etc.) out to join the racism choir at every opportunity in hopes of muting opposition analysis?

 How does he square hope and change with Jesse Jackson being caught calling him a nigger and  not coming out and publically crushing him? How can he morally pass up the opportunity to show the "blind faith" segment of the black street a new vision?   A new path. A path illuminated with the light of truth.  Bill Cosby was right.

Hopefully some day soon, a new type of black leadership will emerge.  One that doesn't perpetuate racism as a means to maintain power, and money. A leadership not sustained on the blood and despair of their brothers that is required for racism show and tell. An honest black leadership.  Telling it like it is, warts and all. In the meantime, we get this.  These HillBuzz boys got shit figured out.  Ironic isn't it, gay fellas hitting the racism nail square on the head, while exhibiting modern leadership qualities for their own persecuted segment of society.  I love it.


virgil xenophon said...

I came down from Illinois to play tennis at LSU in fall, 1962 when Jim Crow was in full force--seperate drinking fountains, bathrooms and all. By the time I graduated four short years later in '66 all that had gone away. A remarkable change which I personally witnessed--I lived the history. Don't get me started on the hiprocrcy of today' race baiting Black politicians.
(Another classic example is both blacks and the MSM in criticizing black conservatives like Justice Thomas and Thomas Sowell for having white wives, therefore not being authentically "black" (oreos) yet mums the word about Dem politician from Tenn Harold Ford, Jr. who is all over tv on "Morn. Joe," CNN, etc., and prior to that when Imus was on MSNBC and who also has a white wife.)

Stephen said...

preachin' to the choir Virg.