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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Food Chain

When the ex-teenage food processors return to the nest on holiday, usually accompanied by some sort of posse, there are two certainties:  They will soon be out the front door in pursuit of the company of the fairer sex denizens of the 'ol hometown, commonly referred to as "hotties."  And secondly, they will require large amounts of nourishment to sustain them as they sally forth in their quest for pleasant companionship.  Being of  both an advanced age which results in all the "hotties" calling me Mister, and in a state of long term matrimony, I am quite content in the role of camp cook as opposed to accepting the warm invitation to join them in the field for the hunt. Quite content. However, I am not above fond remembrance of similar forays of my own, now many years past, while listening to their colorful after action reports.  In regards to sustenance, they are quite carnivorous, yet will also accept a few sprigs of green provided it rests comfortably on the plate alongside some serious carbs.  I think this will work fine.

 molasses and fresh ground coffee rubbed new york steak with grilled onions

baked red potatoes

spring greens with carrots, fresh raspberries and toasted almonds

french bread with spicy italian herbs and asiago cheese

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