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Friday, January 22, 2010

Piksher Taker Wannabe/Stormy

The storm that popped California came by to visit yesterday.

click pics to enlarge

Lots of wind, lots of water

Some things are resilient in adverse conditions.

2 days ago, the cutest  little brownie scout you ever saw was selling cookies from this chair.
I bought 2 boxes. I think she's closed today.

When I took this pic, I was thinking how glad I was that I wasn't driving a buckboard.

Because buckboards don't have windows,  and I couldn't take pics of drops on the window.

More drops. And I really must insist you enlarge this pic so you know what people on acid are seeing.

These drops look like snow.  And the buckboard is getting washed.

When it gets wet, this tree eats Brownie scouts.

Finally, we got a little break.  That's the relay antenna the Little Bitch uses to communicate with the mothership.

Overexposure, back yard puddles.

I like storms.


Marla said...

Please, send that rain this way. We need it big time. It's soooo dry. (I'm not from the part of Oklahoma that's been getting tons of snow and rain, obviously.)

Twenty Four At Heart said...

I like storms when I don't have to be out driving around in them. If I can stay home and ooh and ahh at the thunder and lightening then I love them!