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Monday, January 11, 2010

Nekkid Emperors

The political left is lockstep behind Harry Reid. A little thing like a racist comment isn't enough to jettison the throttleman on the hope and change express.  Hypocrisy on a grand scale.  This is the perfect example of racism as political tool instead of opposing all racism as immoral.  It's exactly what I was talking about a couple days ago.

 To the far left, including old school black leadership.  Reid is a 5 dollar whore.  After all, they have "needs" ......and stuff.  They find themselves needing Reid to get this Healthcare deal done before the State of the Union address.  But after ol' Harry gets thrown out of the whorehouse come November, then he will be a racist bastard.

 It's not uncommon to get a little pukey taste bubbling up when french kissing a 5 dollar whore and I bet the Appeaser in Chief, Obama, did a little spittin' once the cameras were off.

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