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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Star Trek Chess

I have always been a big fan of the original Star Trek.  OK, OK, I know, the sets were cheesy, but the characters weren't.  AND it was prophetic.  Remember TROUBLE WITH TRIBLES?  Cute and furry, harmless,  then later.......Oh Shit!  When I was a kid I watched Sinbad, that flying carpet stuff and Sinbad was not to be feared.  Even all the way up through True Lies, with Ahhnuld and a smokin' hot Jamie Lee Curtis, Muslims were portrayed as annoying but so inept as to be cute caricature.  Then we got all PC and now we have TROUBLE WITH JIHADISTS. 

And who could forget A PIECE OF THE ACTION.  Krako and the mobsters whose entire existence was based on mob rule.  Think about the gang warfare in our inner cities today.  In the worst neighborhoods, that's all they know: Violence and  power acquired through violence.  Now we got I REPRESENT THE 313. 

But what really got me thinking was chess. Star Trek chess.  It's played in 3 dimensions.  Even in the 1 dimensional version that we all grew up playing, there are layers upon layers of things going on.  Cube those options and you can see why McCoy always lost to Spock. 

This is how our world really is. Layer upon layer of things we know nothing about.  Things that are definitely not on the nightly news, no matter what channel you watch.  Most of us are so busy with "stuff."  Stuff like getting the kids to school, dinner, the latest really desperate housewives from somewhere reality show, the latest Tiger Woods, or Lady GaGa bullshit, or who won what game.  Most of us don't process the information we get in 2 dimensions, much less 3. 

I'm skeptical of conspiracy theories when they stand alone. A couple facts, truckloads of conjecture, and Voila! Elvis killed JFK.  However, like peeling onions, every layer of either disinformation or lack of information, you do peel off, your eyes burn and water more.  We have birthers, truthers, militias, eco-terrorists, on and on.  All with their own conspiratorial view of things.  Sheeple, arranged in factions for a reason. 

Terrorism is the issue in front of our faces right now.  Obama blames Bush, Cheney blames Obama, everybody agrees Napalitano is inept, full body imaging, Yemen, undetectable binary explosives, El Al  profiling, etc. It's selling alot of products on the nightly news, and generating a plethora of low-hanging fruit for new media types.  But there's more to the story.

Without advocating the author's thesis, I'm going to link you to an article.  If you have the balls  (or ovaries) to read it all the way through,  you will go HOLY SHIT!  If for no other reason than being enlightened about the relatively small club of players who play in 3 dimensions.  This is the rare arcticle in "new media" that is actually footnoted.  My motive is illumination, not advocacy of anything other than we all need to start playing in 3 dimensions.

I am in no way affiliated with either the website or the author and the Star Trek pics came from


virgil xenophon said...

I would only caution that the old saw "correlation is not causation" applies here. While it should come as no surprise to anyone that the inextricably intertwined incestuous relationships of old school classmates, associates and foreign clients among govt officials, industrialists and foreign governments should reveal a set of relationships that allowed everyone to line their pockets, (both legally and perhaps illegally) that is a far cry from proving any 9/11 "plotting" save guilt by association--even though many listed did--thru either their corporations or personal investment holdings--profit in one way or another directly or indirectly by 9/11. Point of fact is, the interlocking nature of the old boys network that comprises boards of directors, company ownership and nomination of friends and associates to leadership positions etc., it is a fact of life that many of these people stand to profit no matter WHAT happens in this world.

Stephen said...

I agree totally. I'm not real big on wild accusations, and hyperbole, but the level of interconnectivity is mind bending. That's what I was saying about not necessarily advocating his thesis, while acknowledging the accuracy of all the connections. Expanding the 3 dimensional thinking further, If a similar examination of the players in say, healthcare, or military procurement was done, I'm willing to bet that most of the same players would be involved. Making decisions based on how they affect all their interests. It's one thing to complain about government, it's another to understand it, and our relative insignificance in the real power decisions. Accrued power is best kept close at hand, lest it be lost. These boys know it.

virgil xenophon said...

Just remember Stephen, we live in New Orleans and both of us went to college in Louisiana. You want UNBELIEVABLE stories about corruption and double-dealing? How much time ya got?.....LOL. ....Better lay in some provisions..