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Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Little Bitch

I think cats are aliens.  Everybody talks about the little greys with their big black eyes, or those scaly subterranean reptilians.  Remember the scene in "Earth Girls are Easy" when the alien has this big long tongue that he sticks into his cocktail glass to get to the bottom, and the girl at the bar says, "I'm going home with him."  That's the kind of alien I want to be.  But I'm pretty sure that The Little Bitch is a completely different kind of alien.  Remember this guy?

I think The Little Bitch is from the same planet.

SEE!  SAME ANTENNA!  And I know she can read my thoughts, because every single time I say to myself, "My balls are cold."  This happens.

That's it, I'm calling Art Bell.

My Favorite Martian pic by others.

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Marla said...

Oh gosh. You're right... She's totally an alien.