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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday, Damn Near Like Church

If  it was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, and you had DVR to capture the football games, what would you do?

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Me too!

Sustenance, for the ravenous.

And speaking of ravenous beasts........  It is so hard to choose what to take.  But, for today, these should do just fine.

Sometimes, in the anticipatory excitement, you forget that EVERY. ONE. OF. THOSE. WILL. HAVE. TO. BE. CLEANED.  But, let's focus on the positive.

We're going shooting!  In the desert!

I haven't gotten to shoot for over 3 weeks, so I know a little rust is to be expected. 

That's actually not too bad out of the box for me. Especially with the little Bersa 380.  Shaved sights and all. I'm a shotgunner, rifle shootie kinda guy. Until maybe 9 months ago, I bet I hadn't shot 500 rounds total with pistols in my life. And probably 80% of that was 22 long rifle.  I'm learning. I'm a little better with my Bersa 9mm. Sometimes.

But, I have long arms as well. Possible redemption. Back off from the targets, offhand only.

Smith and Wesson M&P 15  in 5.45x39 with 1x Eotech first.

The breeze was pretty stiff, and I was shooting quick, but no excuse for being off paper at 39 yards, even offhand. Finally my Marlin 30-30. 

I was actually pretty happy with this.  85 yards, breezy, offhand, except the last 3 shot group on the plate.  Impatience I think.  But the good news is, driving home, I was stress free, relaxed, ready for some fast forward through the commercials football.  Poor Brett Favre, he'll have nightmares about that last interception till he dies.


virgil xenophon said...

I was sure--had that sinking feeling-- that Minn was going to score and win, then prayers were answered for my Saints--they don't call 'em Saints for nothing--even if they ARE the Bourbon St. kind... Is it destiny?

Heh, I see you have the "expensive range time" problem solved....

Stephen said...

Virg, I can remember when they were the "Aints." Fans wearing those paper bags over their heads at the games. I've only ever been to a proper range once. CCW qualifying. That's the good thing out here in the West. Public lands a'plenty.